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Planning and Compassionate Support for End of Life Transitions

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it” Haruki Murakami

Jessica Stielau

Pronouns: she/hers

I'm an End of Life Doula or a Death Doula. 

I traveler, an explorer, a partner and a mother.


I provide holistic, non-medical care, offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the dying and their loved ones while they embark on the ultimate voyage. Just as birth doulas support mothers and children laboring into this world, death doulas support those laboring out of the world. 

I'm a lifelong student gathering experience and knowledge about the process and rituals around death.


My goal is to help create more peace and ease with the end-of-life experience. 



What is an Death Doula?

Death Doulas provide non medical support for the dying and their caregivers. They use their knowledge, training and experience to guide and facilitate patients and their loved ones through the process of death. 

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