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I am grateful to all who have raised, adopted, and given birth to me. I am grateful to my teachers, living and dead. I'm grateful to my parents and elders. I am grateful for the lessons learned, the lessons unlearned, the unfolding, and the letting go and the rebuilding. I give thanks to all the ancestors, thanks to the native tribes. Thanks to the land and the wind, the breath and the rain. The land I inhabit was the ancestral home of the Miwok. I give thanks to the indigenous people- to your songs, medicine, and prayers; to all the waterways and pathways. I am grateful to the trees and the sacred and master plants. Thanks to the beings with whom we share the land. I remember. We are one.


I am grateful to the Buddha(s), all Bodhisattvas, the enlightened ones, the sangha, the dharma, and metta. Thanks to the death workers, the people who kept the ritual and ceremony. I'm grateful to those who have joined me on this journey - those who held, guided, danced, cryed and walked alongside me. I appreciate your kindness, your gifts, your hearts-  together is better. May this prayer find you and nourish you- thank you.

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