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Dying is a place where values, beliefs, wants, longings, thresholds, and peoples come together, and where I hold and tend to everything you invite and allow me to. Wild tears, age-old laughter, grieving customs from previous and future generations—all of this and more—are present here. This is you, me, and the unknown turning the soil with our bare hands.

These services are offered for everyone. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, all people are welcome. Trans, non-binary, gender non-confirming, gender-fluid, intersex, and queer bodies and galaxies are all welcomed here.

Pricing is listed with offerings but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Let's talk about it. 

Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? Let's start with a conversation. Please fill out an Intake Form and book a 30 minute consultation. 


  • Rate based on needs identified in an initial consultation

Help to ensure that legacies, families of choice, heart-kin, and true caregivers are able to provide with the comprehensive, complete, and lawful care you need, as well as the advocacy and tending you deserve to live in freedom and die with dignity. Everything from planning and organizing end-of-life events and plans to navigating institutions that are ill-equipped to take care of complex bodies and communities.

Care Team Coordination

$1,495 per month

Coordinating care for a loved one with a critical or terminal illness can be overwhelming. Especially if you are working, caring for other family members, and doing everything it takes to make day-to-day life run as smoothly as possible.

A Doula can manage schedules for the care team, track health care appointments, as well as other needed appointments, track hours for paid and volunteer caregivers and initiate seamless communication between all members of the care team and family on the status of the patient.

Vigal Care

  • $1,195-$1,995

The tender time of active dying as a loved one moves closer to death can be difficult for the family. This is a time when round-the-clock presence keeps the loved one safe and comfortable through the labor of dying. Grief and exhaustion can overwhelm and make it challenging for family to be fully present during this period of time.

A doula can provide additional support for the patient and the family. The Doula provides comfort care and is a gentle presence who keeps family aware of the natural changes that indicate death is nearing as well as what will happen once death has occurred. 

Planning Support 

  • $295 per person or $395 per couple

Between two sessions we will complete your end of life plan, including medical directives, care directives, funeral wishes, and organizing materials for easy access of loves ones.

A pre-planning packet and state-specific medical directives are included, and guidance is provided on how to complete both in-person and between sessions.

Ongoing Support

  • $995-10 hrs

  • $1,895-20 hrs

  • $2,595 - 30 hrs

Each Ongoing Care Package can be tailored to meet your specific goals for planning and holistic care throughout the end-of-life journey. Each package can include but is not limited


  •  Advanced care and after death planning

  • Planning for daily quality of life care

  •  Legacy and memorial projects

  • Companionship, hands-on care and caregiver respite

  • Active dying, vigil, and after death support

  • Writing obituary and eulogy

  • On-going conversation and guidance for family

  • Letting go of the unnecessary- paring down on possessions before and after death 

Legacy and Memorial Projects

  • $595

Create personalized legacies of the heart that tell the story of your life. Whether it be video vignettes, love letters to your family or another unique project, the important thing is to leave something for your loved ones that will touch their hearts for years to come.

Psychedelic Therapy Support 

  • $199 per session

Psychedelics can ease the process of dying and they have been used to support people through the process for thousands of years.

 In partnership with referred specialists, and under medical supervision (which not provided by death doula), psychedelic treatments are available for the dying and their caregivers. Treatments can help ease:

  • Fear of the unknown

  • Feelings of demoralization, disconnection, grief and anxiety

As a sitter for psychedelic treatment, the doula's  role may include driving patients to and from appointments. Being present with the patient for the duration of the treatment, assisting with preparation and integration post treatment. 

Medical Aid in Dying Support

  • $1,999

Medical Aid in Dying is legal in California and allows patients with a terminal diagnosis with less than 6 months to live and deemed mentally competent to make an informed decision to request a prescription for medications they may self-ingest that will end their life.

Doula support is available for those who choose to take the aid in dying journey. Support for this option is provided as a team of 2-3 doulas and includes compassionate guidance, education, and hands-on support for the client as well as the family. 

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